Oh, hi! I’m Arianna Valentini.

HeadshotI am driven by a passion for product marketing and copious amounts of caffeine.

Currently, I am a product marketing manager at Precisely (formally named Syncsort). As a product marketing manager at Precisely, I am responsible for the overall go-to-market of the products I manage. Most days you can find me creating value propositions, developing demand generation content, discussing product strategy, and collaborating with colleagues for thought leadership pieces for the products I support. I don’t do all this alone! Being a PMM means I’m a cross-functional player in the organization working with everyone from marketing to sales to advance the products Precisely sells.

I wasn’t always a PMM. In the “before time,” I worked as a research analyst focusing on marketing software and digital transformation at IDC. Being an analyst means you live in data, spend a lot of time writing, presenting at industry-focused events, and working with major tech companies to determine their future strategy. Once you’re an analyst, it’s in your blood, and what I learned as an analyst has helped me become a better product marketer. What can I say? I’m a competitive intelligence nerd!

My top 10 favorite things (in no particular order):
  1. My sweet dog Kylie
  2. My evil cat Domino
  3. My amazing supportive hubby
  4. Handbags
  5. Making themed holiday cards that confuse my grandma
  6. Carbs
  7. Exceeding my demand generation targets
  8. Volunteering
  9. Visiting new places but living like a local
  10. The Hudson Valley