While marketing is one of my biggest passions, I really really love handbags! As an avid handbag buyer, I often sought out YouTube reviews online as a means of learning more about a handbag I wanted to purchase. There was one problem with this method – the videos were way…to…long. I didn’t want to know a vlogger’s life story, what I wanted was a succinct review of the handbag. This made me realize there was a market need and I could fill the demand. And that is what started by YouTube channel “Purse Review in a Minute or Two”, where I review handbags in 2 minutes or less. This channel has taught me a lot about social media and content marketing, has subscribers worldwide and  been featured on such retail sites as Everlane and Knomo London. Here are two of my favorite videos below!

What can I say? I love a good bag!