I talk a lot, and most of the time, it’s for work! I am an active speaker at industry events and professional development conferences. A large part of my job is to deliver the value of the products I bring to the market through sales training, customer presentations, and webinars for demand generation.

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PMM Summit Boston October 2019

We do that here?! – Best Practices of Sales Enablement

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Abstract. Sales enablement is a critical point for all organizations – fail and you risk confusing the market, sales teams, and even customers/prospects. That is why as a product marketing manager it is key to understand the best practices of sales enablement, whether you are driving enablement on your own or with a sales enablement manager. As a product marketer, it is fundamental to know how to create sales enablement content that is digestible, transferable and engaging.

In this session, you will be taken through a case study of how one product marketing manager built a sales enablement practice from the ground up – including a sales enablement resource center, competitive program, and used a spy game to improve retention. Learn what worked, what didn’t and the results of these efforts.

Session review: 


Average session score: 4.5 (Evaluation Scale: 1=No Value, 5=Very Valuable)

Attendee Comments:

  • “Thought you were wonderful!! Thanks for a great presentation.”
  • “The content was excellent and the delivery was on-point. Nice job.”
  • “Gathered some great nuggets from your interview process discussion.”
Aspire CCS, CEO and Founder Kaspar Roos and I discuss the future of CCM for Quadient’s CX Transformation Day 2017

Xploration  Conference 2017

Mobile Communication and Its Role in the Future of Customer Engagement

Abstract. This session covers the increasing importance of mobility in the customer journey. Topics covered in this session include consumer mobile behavior, market spend trends, and challenges faced by organizations when it comes to creating an optimized mobile experience. Coming from a position of opportunity, today’s challenge is about customer experience and how Xplor attendees can engage in a meaningful dialogue with customers and prospects.

Session review: 


Average session score: 4.20 (Evaluation Scale: 1=No Value, 5=Very Valuable)

Attendee Comments:

  • “Excellent content.”
  • “Great discussion.”

Document Strategy Forum 2017

Internal Business Transformation for the Digital Age

Abstract. It is no secret that the requirements for customer experiences are evolving. When we think of this evolution, the focus is often on the consumer, who now expect a dynamic 1:1 customer experience that moves with them across multiple channels and stages. However, organizations also have to change internally to meet new market demands. Working to meet the changing needs of the consumer, means staking the internal deck with highly specialized skills to support customer experiences from every point in your communication portfolio. This session will explore what skills an organization will need in the next few years to be set up for success in the future.

Session review: 


Average session score: 3.75 (Evaluation Scale: 1=No Value, 4=Very Valuable)

Attendee Comments:

  • “Great energy and charm.”
  • “I appreciate the presentation not being product-specific.”
  •  “Great speaker with good data and supporting examples.”