Custom Tags for Bridge

Working within a news organization there can be many files and often times metadata can become an issue when dealing with so many files. Recently, I have been working on learning to code within XML. It was through this new skill that I was able to code these trial custom metadata panels for use in Bridge. Theoretically our student news organization at RIT could use these panels to more accurately tag their files.

An example of the code used below:

<xmp_definitions xmlns:ui=””&gt;
<xmp_schema prefix=”spmetc” namespace=”;
description=”$$$/AWS/FileInfoLib/Panels/spmetc/PanelDescription=Custom metadata for spmetc”>
<!– simple properties –>

<!–This isn’t working correctly
<xmp_property name=”Status” category=”external” label=”$$$/Custom/Property/status_Label=Status:” type=”closedchoice” element_type=”text”>
<xmp_choice raw_value=”Unpublished” label=”$$$/Custom/Property/Choice_unpublished=unpublished”/>
<xmp_choice raw_value=”Published” label=”$$$/Custom/Property/Choice_published=Published”/>

<!–Use this–>
<xmp_property name=”event” category=”external” label=”$$$/Custom/Property/EventLabel=Event:”
<!– End of using this–>

<xmp_property name=”People” category=”external” type=”bag”
label=”$$$/Custom/Property/PeopleInput_Label=People:” element_type=”text” ui:multiLine=”true”


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